Why Orange Tiger?

Many companies from all over the world have taken the step to China in recent years. China is an enormous potential market. But there are thousands of factories there manufacturing products for foreign companies. If you want to open your own location in China, you will be wondering how and where to start.

Your strategy

First determine your strategy. What do you want to do in China? Buy or sell? What kind of customers or suppliers are you looking for? Do you want to have your own location in China? Will you be working with agents, or will you be starting a joint venture? There are many questions like these you will want answers to.

We know our way around

Orange Tiger knows China. We have the knowledge and experience of more than ten years of doing business in China in various sectors. Thanks to our knowledge of the culture, language, legislation and regulations, we avoid the pitfalls which have caught out many other companies.

Orange Tiger Ltd was founded in 2010 and has already helped many companies take their first steps in China.