Setting up your company in China

Doing business in China, it seems as though everyone is doing it these days. But how do you get started? 

If you have decided to set up an office for your company in China, first choose the location. Because different regions of China specializse in different industries. If you have decided on the location and are ready to open your office there, take the following steps.

1. Register a legal person

You need to register a legal person and request a business licence. There are different kinds of legal persons in China, each with different rules and conditions, and each with pros and cons.

2. Finding and registering an office

The legal person must have a registered office. In most Chinese cities, you can open an office in any building of your choice, but every city has its own rules. In some cities, you can only choose a building assigned by the authorities.

3. Making the office operational

You will probably need staff in your office. Staff need to be contracted and paid, and the office needs an accountant to do the book-keeping and pay tax.

Orange Tiger will support you throughout the entire process and will take care of the required official documents for you.